Distribution, Cultivation and Manufacturing 


Albert Einstone's is a fully licensed, vertically integrated, distribution, cultivation and manufacturing company providing options for entrepreneurs, retailers, and manufacturers. What can AE do for you?

Distribution & Sales

Through our extensive network of clients, sell or source your product easier than ever.


Our plants are hand-grown in our indoor cultivation facility in Los Angeles, using state-of-the-art technology and fully organic materials.


We approach our manufacturing and product development like a true science, ensuring our customers the same, phenomenal experience every single time.

Transportation & Delivery

Albert Einstone's Transportation & Delivery supply a team of security professionals to pick up, transport and deliver product all over the state.

Secure Storage

With Albert Einstone's Security and Transport, we can provide you the most state of the art warehouse security available.

Lab Sampling & Testing

We've partnered with the top labs in the area so you can have your product sampled and tested while it's being stored at our facility, giving you quicker access to your test results.

Distribution & Sales

Once your product is ready for the market, allow us to promote and sell it for you. Through the extensive network of clients which services the top producers, processors, wholesalers and retailers in the state, we can help you sell your product. And if you're buying, we can help you source product easier than ever. We have a lot of friends in our network, and we aim to create a world where retailers have one intake meeting a week with our Distribution Service, because we're all you need.

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We grow our product in state-of-the-art indoor warehouses in downtown Los Angeles, with clean-room environments comparable to that of a pharmaceutical production facility.


Albert Einstone's will redefine the standard by which marijuana products are judged. We went to the extra trouble of building our own cultivation facility so that we could control all elements from seed to feed. Our products are lab tested and utilize, from cultivation to final packaging, only the finest ingredients.

Transportation & Delivery

AE's distribution service  will pick up your product, move it, and distribute it all over the state of California. Our personnel are CA-licensed officers, which allows us to provide armed security services around cannabis products, congruent with California regulations. Our security professionals are all veterans, ready to safely get your product and your cash where it needs to go. And you can send your product on its journey with peace of mind, because we insure up to $500,000/per vehicle, per trip. 

Our officers will pick up your bulk product from your farm or warehouse and transport it to our licensed, secure storage facility. Once there, it will be inventoried and stored with DTLA all the necessary requirements to preserve product quality. 

Secure Storage

Why store with us? Maybe you want a safe place to store your bulk product while you process through smaller amounts on your goods. Maybe you need to maximize the space on your site for additional cultivation, and need a place to store product overflow. Whatever the reason for choosing AE, you can be assured that your product will be the safest its ever been.  

Lab Sampling & Test Facilitation

Lab testing can be difficult to facilitate, time-consuming and costly. But not with us. We've partnered with the top labs in the area, and they're ready to test your product. Because they are our neighbors, we've negotiated exclusively for you to get your results faster and cheaper than on your own, leaving you one less headache to worry about.

Albert Einstone's


We are end-to-end. Turnkey. We can source. We have the raw materials, in case you don’t have the license or ability to get them. We have production capability. We can package and label. We can even distribute.

Consistency, Transparency, and Accessibility.’ Our team comes from a variety of different industries, and we take this fast-growing industry seriously, and treat it as professionally as we would a technology firm or organic foods brand.

“Finding a partner like Albert Einstone's that has vertically integrated licensing is smart,” 

Jane Ogishi

Meet our team

Q. Ladraa


German-born, LA-based Marketing, Business Development and Creative Executive. Expertise in a wide variety of categories including the entertainment, fashion, automotive, tech, and fast moving consumer goods sectors. 

Tyrone Gomes

Horticulturalist, Head of Product Development and Cultivation

Tyrone’s skill set separates Albert Einstone’s from the pack. He has spent over 10 years bulding grow rooms for some of the industries biggest players, and built and run his own grow operations in Los Angeles. Tyrone has produced, tested and perfected marijuana products and is one of the experts in the field. 


Head of Branding and Production

In 1998 began a 19 year career at Warner Bros. Home Entertainment which included the final 3 years at DC Comics (A WB subsidiary). His Responsibilities were mainly the sales and marketing of movies and TV DVDs, Blu-ray and digital. 

Noah Gilbert

Director of Communications

A filmmaker and entrepreneur with extensive experience in marketing and business development. Noah has worked as a marketing executive for top international brands and as a contributing writer for top international publications, including The New York Times.

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Adult-Use and Medicinal - Microbusiness License Provisional 
Distributor, Level 1 Manufacturer and Cultivator Type Indoor.  

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El Blunto Cannagars:

Ultra-Luxury Cannabis Experience

El Blunto caught my view because they are constructed in a manner that is near and dear to my heart. They do not burn your tongue with fire/smoke, and the size is just right for a sesh with a couple of friends...

El Blunto Is Making Cannagars More Affordable

If you’re on vacation in Cali, it’s worth the splurge. 

Albert Einstone's, a Los Angeles seed to-sale cannabis company, is dipping its toe into the broadening pool of cannabis cigars with its new El Blunto line. 

For the Cannasieur, Pre-rolls in a Humidor

 Introducing the glass-tipped, hemp-wrapped El Blunto - the Cuban cigar of cannabis.

With so many ways to consume cannabis these days -- vapes, drinks, gummies, cookies, cakes, sprays, tinctures, toothpicks --  it’s easy to forget the simple pleasures of smoking a well-rolled joint.  Actually, it’s easy to forget a lot of things, but the point is, Albert Einstone’s remembers. 

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